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Is there Mold, Mildew, or Water in Your Basement?  

Is your basement damp, wet, cracked, stained, chalky, leaky, or flaky?

Does your home have a crawl space or stone foundation?

Waters Basement Services waterproofing and encapsulation system provide a real solution to eliminate damp, wet, musty basements.

“We can transform your basement into a bright, clean, dry, healthy, comfortable living space.  Waters Basement Services can make your basement as warm and comfortable as any room in your home!”

Wet or damp environments are unhealthy, destructive, and are common problems in all types of basements:

Block Foundation
Poured Concrete Foundation
Stone Foundation

Waters Basement Services has built its reputation on developing long-lasting relationships; putting customer service at the forefront of our business.


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Basement Mold Removal, Cleaning, & Prevention with Anabec

Having mold in a basement can cause a lot of different health problems from asthma to respiratory problems. Mold is also a very common allergy and can cause severe reactions. Eliminating basement moisture prevents mold from growing, and in order to solve a mold problem it’s important to find the source.

Before Wall Panels and Drain Tile and Sump Basin 1

At Waters Basement Services, our first step in a basement assessment is to determine the source of the water or moisture that caused the mold growth to begin. Porous building materials are the largest holders of microbial contamination and typically the repository for water intrusion. If products have any organic materials, then this environment will become a reasonable environment for mold, mildew, dust mites, and rot.

Materials like paint, drywall, boxes, cloth and most other common building materials have some organic composition and are vulnerable to these types of damage. Many people think they can just paint over moldy surfaces. Paint applied over moldy surfaces is likely to peel. Additionally, be wary of absorbent basement wall materials like insulation that can absorb moisture and hold water. The key to solving a mold problem is stopping the source of water or moisture.

After Wall Panels Drain Tile Sump Basin 1

We spray Anabec, a mold inhibitor, to remove the food source that causes mold. Waters Basement Services uses Anabec – the right solution to mold removal, cleaning, and prevention. Anabec cleaning solution is formulated to provide a surfactant that removes the organic debris from the materials being treated. Anabec removes the food source and is designed to treat both porous and non-porous surfaces. Anabec recovers and protects building materials. Waters Basement Services sprays Anabec on effective areas to remove the food source and protect building materials.

The key to solving mold issues is complete removal and then prevention of future moisture problems. Give us a call today if you’re having mold issues in your basement and we’ll come take care of it! E-mail us now or call us at (585) 765-3369.

Our Grandson 5-Year-Old Austin Jackhammering

The future owner of Waters Basement Services? Our grandson Austin kept asking Bob (Papa) to take him to work in basements. Papa took him this past week. Check out 5-year-old Austin jack-hammering. He defiantly is going to be a waterproofer..

Our Grandson Cole helping PaPa with a Wall Crack..

Our Grandson 9 Year Old Cole

Our Grandson 9 Year Old Cole

Our grandson Cole wanted to buy a new game for his video system, so Bob (PaPa) took him to work with him to earn the money.  Cole might grow-up to be a Basement Waterproofer yet..









Painting Basement Walls vs Waterproofing Panel System

Basement walls are commonly damp, wet, discolored, and not esthetically pleasing.  Whether a basement is leaking or not, water is still able to pass through the porous concrete, stone or poured concrete wall due to hydrostatic pressure.  Moisture passes through the basement wall as hydrostatic pressure builds up behind the paint and causes peeling, flaking and discoloration. Mold can also begin to grow as paint is an organic material. In many cases walls look worse with peeling, flaking, failed paint coating. Basement waterproofing paints can reduce condensation, but they are not a permanent solution to basement water problems. Read on…