Trench Drain System drains water from doorways, stairwells, and the surface.  Prevent basement water damage from water seeping through doorways, garage doors and down stairs with Trench Drain!  In many instances, water can enter your house and damage the basement by flowing through space under a doorway or running down the stairs.   Waters Basement Services’ unique design directs the water into a channel, where it can be managed and pumped out of your home automatically-without
Basement Entrance / Insulation, Drainage
Basement Finished in Rochester NY, Buffalo NY
Basement Finishing in Rochester NY & Buffalo NY 1.  Waterproofing your basement and finishing it increases the value of your home by square footage pricing. 2.  Compare the price per square foot of adding an addition to your home, versus waterproofing and finishing your entire basement. 3.   Adding a Bilco Door or Egress window gives you code-compliant living space and provides an accessible escape route in case of an emergency. 4.  Maintaining your sump
Basement Waterproofing
Basement Debris hauled away by Waters Basement Services, Inc.
Basement Debris Removal in Rochester NY & Buffalo NY Do you have a basement that is full of the unwanted item? Do you need to clean out your basement?   Waters Basement Services will haul away your unwanted items and inspect your basement. 
Basement Waterproofing, Crawl Space / Stone Foundations, Drainage
Bilco Door in Rochester & Buffalo NY
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