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Bilco Doors

by Darlene Waters

Bilco Doors in Rochester NY & Buffalo NY

Bilco door adds the convenience of direct basement access to get the full use of your basement.


Bilco basement doors provide an accessible escape route in case of an emergency.

Outside basement door entrance allows homeowners to add code-compliant living space or storage area to their home.

Durable heavy gauge steel and sturdy concealed hinges, protect from the weather ensuring all-season operation and lasting service. Flanged construction and improved header design shed water and prevent binding due to ice and snow, permitting all season use.

A Bilco door or Gordon door is ideal for access for moving large items into a finished basement.

Egress Windows

by Darlene Waters

Egress Windows in Rochester NY & Buffalo NY

Egress Window Installed

         Egress Window installed inside basement view


Adding an Egress Window not only adds enjoyable living space to your home, but it can make an incredible difference in the livability of your basement by bringing natural daylight into your living space. An Egress Window provides an accessible escape route in case of an emergency. Unique Grip/ Step design features a convenient handle and gusseted step to meet building code requirement for Egress.

An optional dome cover is available to protect the window well opening and to reduce the accumulation of snow, leaves, and debris inside the well.

Tips on Installing Considering an Egress Window


Rim Joist Spray Insulation

by Darlene Waters



Your home lets in cold air during the winter and warm air during the summer, resulting in higher energy bills. Stopping air infiltration is the best defense against energy loss.

Unlike fiberglass, which is only a thermal barrier, the spray foam insulation creates both an air and vapor barrier at the Rim Joist. Moist air can filter through fiberglass creating condensation at the Rim Joist, which can eventually lead to mold and mildew problems.



Reduces heating and cooling costs
Improves indoor air quality
High R-value R-6 per square inch (We apply minimum 2 inches per square inch to give you an R value of R-12 or higher)
Protects against insects and rodents
Fills hard-to-insulate areas
Provides an airtight thermal seal
Offers highest aged R-Value
Does not sag or settle over time
Adheres to existing structure
Protects against water/moisture


Lower Energy Bills with Rim Joist Spray Insulation


Most Effective Way to Insulate at the Rim Joist

Trench Drain

by Darlene Waters

Trench Drain System drains water from doorways, stairwells, and the surface.  Prevent basement water damage from water seeping through doorways, garage doors and down stairs with Trench Drain!  In many instances, water can enter your house and damage the basement by flowing through space under a doorway or running down the stairs.   Waters Basement Services’ unique design directs the water into a channel, where it can be managed and pumped out of your home automatically-without causing any damage! The unique design of the Trench Drain allows for water to drain into the grate, flow into the patented Water Guard sub-floor drainage system, and into the sump basin then pumped out of the home.  Trench Drain comes in several different styles: A large size used for traffic bearing and high flow conditions, and a smaller size used for lighter flow and interior applications.


Trench Drain System will prevent water damage to your basement environment, and keep your home safe and dry.