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Drain Tile Video Camera Inspection: A New Service from Waters Basement Services

by Darlene Waters

Drain Tile Camera Inspection

Bob Waters inspecting a downspout conductor line

Announcing the newest service from Waters Basement Services: Drain Tile Video Camera Inspections!

If you’re experiencing clogged drain tile, call Waters Basement Services to have a camera inspection of your drain tile. A drainage camera is very useful in helping to determine if your drain tile can be cleaned, is plugged, or filled with tree roots and needs to be replaced. Having a drain camera inspection allows the homeowner to understand what potential issue may arise, or if they need to address a problem immediately. The best way to determine the condition of your drain tile is by a camera inspection. The camera provides a view of the drain tile, (on a small TV screen) locating any tree root intrusions, breaks, plugs/blockages or other common problems.

Drain tile is the most important ingredient in effective basement waterproofing. In order to operate properly, your drain tile needs to be free of debris that can build up over time. Drain tile should be cleaned at least once a year, or more often depending on your soil type. The drain tile needs to be free of debris and able to flow into a sump basin and then pumped out of your basement. Whether you have owned your home for years or are planning to buy a new home, the biggest advantage of a drain camera inspection is to help find the source of a drain problem quickly and accurately.

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Waters Basement Services can inspect your drain tile for potential problems.