Drain Tile / French Drain

Waters Basement Services is a family owned and operated basement waterproofing company servicing Buffalo & Rochester NY that specializes in drain tile or another name for tile French drain installation.


Signs Your Home May Need to Have New Drain Tile / French Drain Installation:



Plugged Clay Drain Tile

                  Plugged Clay Drain Tile

When water comes in on the basement floor where the basement wall(s) meet the floor. This is usually because your basement drainage has become clogged and can no longer accept water. Usually, this will begin in the furthest corner from where your sump basin is installed. When drain tile or another name French tile becomes clogged and can no longer drain the water from the walls or under the floor properly, it would need to be replaced.






Waters Basement Services Drain Tile / French Drain Installation Process:


Waters Basement Services basement solution would be to install new drain tile with a white perforated drain tile to collect the wall and floor water into the sump basin and then be pumped out of the basement. Clean-outs would be installed in the basement drainage to enable your drain tile to be cleaned. Drain tile should be cleaned at least once a year; or more often depending on your soil type. With the clean-outs the homeowner can clean their drain tile with a garden hose or have Waters Basement Services perform this service. Also as important is proper grading along the foundation and gutter downspout placement. You always want water to shed away from your home.


Camera Inspection of Drain Tile:


Bob Waters Waters Basement Services Inspection of a downspout condutor line

Bob Waters  inspecting a downspout conductor line

If you’re experiencing clogged drain tile, contact us to have a camera inspection of your drain tile, we service the Buffalo & Rochester NY areas. A drainage camera is very    useful in helping to determine if your drain tile can be cleaned, is plugged, or filled with tree roots and needs to be replaced. Having a drain camera inspection allows the homeowner to understand what potential issue may arise, or if they need to address a problem immediately. The best way to determine the condition of your drain tile is by a camera inspection. The camera provides a view of the drain tile, (on a small TV screen) locating any tree root intrusions, breaks, plugs/blockages or other common problems.

Drain tile is the most important ingredient in effective basement waterproofing. In order to operate properly, your drain tile needs to be free of debris that can build up over time.

Basement floor drains work the same. They need to free of debris and be able to flow out into the storm drain. When the storm drain becomes overwhelmed with storm water, this water may pour into your basement. You can have a back flow preventer installed or plug the floor drain, which prevents water from entering your basement when storm sewers become overwhelmed and cannot take water out.






Reviews from our customer surveys in the Buffalo & Rochester NY areas:


“How great it is to finally have a dry basement after many years. Thanks! Wonderful to see a boss working right along with his crew. They were great and finished the job in 3 days.”    Shirley; Lockport, NY

“We now have a usable basement that we feel comfortable entertaining & living in. Our foundation will last much longer now that our water problem has been solved with the drain tiling. Very happy with the professional work ethic the crew showed while they were here. After construction clean-up is outstanding, shelving very heavy duty & sturdy.”   John; Corfu, NY

“Prompt, friendly professional, flexible service. Reasonable rates and impressive clean-up! Highly recommend.”      Michele; Lockport, NY

“No H²O in basement after a 4” downpour, Thanks!”       Sall; Rochester, NY

“Job completed is better than when our home was built and don as scheduled! Totally impressed with the work and the follow through. Very Satisfied!”     Larry; Byron, NY


Water coming in on the floor where the basement walls and floor meet. Why?


Why your drain tile should be cleaned?

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