Gutter Downspout Extension Drainage Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot

The Answer to shedding gutter downspout drainage water away from your basement!


Gutter downspout drainage that discharges right beside your foundation is one of the major causes of a wet basement. Proper water management around your foundation can be very effective at keeping water from reaching your basement.  The First line of defense to prevent water from entering your basement is fixing downspouts that discharge water right next to your foundation, filling any low areas; and slope the ground away from your foundation.


To move gutter downspout drainage water away from your foundation have our gutter extension system installed


Before Gutter Drainage System

Before Gutter Drainage System Installed.

Gutter Drainage System Installed the (Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot)

Gutter Drainage System Installed the (Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot)


Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot underground downspout extension allows water to flow underground through a pipe away from your foundation.  As water fills in the Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot, the holes in the bottom of the pipe allow the water to drain onto the stone and excess water to flow out the top and filter into the ground. The Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot top is removable to clean any debris that may get into the pot.

Homeowner’s who have a sump basin, and sump pump system with a discharge line installed to remove any water that collects in your drain tile or another name French drain can have the sump basin water discharge line installed into a Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot underground extension.

This system would work the same as having an underground gutter downspout drainage system, except it would be your drain tile or another name French drain water from your sump basin.



You can mow over your Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot!

Protect your foundation from water damage with the lawn scape bubbler pot

Before & After Photos