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October Testimonials 2013

by Darlene Waters

“By having wall repaired now, I wouldn’t have to worry later about water coming in the basement,  Also, given advise of other things to watch for and to call if we ever had any more problems.  Very nice to talk to, had lots of information about the services his company offered.  Twenty year warranty on job done.  Folder of services and information was very good.  Good business man.  Very prompt.  Thank you very much.”         Donna, Medina, NY

Basement was wet and dirty – now clean and dry – ready to be used.  Since we are selling the house, the warranty is very helpful”       Steven, Penfield, NY

“Everything was done as promised.  Crew was very nice – friendly.  Completely satisfied. Thank you!”     Glen, Lockport, NY

“The basement area will be very dry and you went the extra mile to protect the outside from predators getting in.   I appreciate your completion of the job in such a timely manner.  Everything looks great, neat and professional.  Thank you.”     Linda, Holley, NY