Basement Sump Pump System

Basement Sump Pump System


A quality sump pump is truly the heart of any water management system, quietly collecting water seepage year after year. Protect your home during a power outage with a backup water powered sump pump or battery backup pump is one of the best possible combination for keeping your basement dry, and your valuables and furnishings free from damage.


Basement Sump Pump Installation


Waters Basement Services provides complete basement sump pump installation, and water powered sump pump backups system that work together in a power outage to your basement dry.

We perforate our sump basins to pull any water in the area from underneath the floor to help eliminate hydrostatic pressure build-up which leads to floor cracking and heaving.  Drying up your wet basement is the first step toward a clean and healthy room ready for living, storage and play.  Let’s Waters Basement Services turn your wet basement into a comfortable room suitable for your home and family.

Liberty Sump Pumps (

Liberty Sump Pumps (


At Waters Basement Services, we’re always looking to provide our customers with the best value.  After over 30 years in the industry, we’ve used a lot of different products and brands – the good and the bad.  Sump pumps are no different.  We’ve reviewed several different brands and models, and based on our experience and customer feedback, there’s one brand that we love using for all our sump pump installation projects.

The last sump pump we considered was Liberty Sump Pumps.  With a 3-year warranty and the added advantage of being a local company within the Buffalo & Rochester NY areas, Liberty seemed like a good option.  These sump pumps are made in the USA – manufactured locally in Bergen NY.

After a review of their products, we have decided to recommend the Liberty 250-Series 1/3hp sump pumps. We prefers Liberty sump pumps installation in our customer’s basements.

Liberty back up their quality with their warranty – a full 3-year warranty.  After installing them with a number of customers, we’ve received very positive feedback.  Our customers frequently remark on how quiet and efficient Liberty pumps are and operating worry-free. We are very pleased with the performance of Liberty Pumps and intend on continuing to recommend them to all of our clients.


Water Powered Sump Pump Backup

Water Backup Sump Pump

Water Backup Sump Pump (source: Liberty


Water-driven sump pumps require no battery and need no electrical power. Instead, they use a home’s water pressure from incoming city water to create suction which pumps water out of the sump pit. Water back-up sump pumps can run indefinitely, as long as there is city water pressure coming to your home.  The homeowner no longer has to worry about power outage lasting longer than their battery powered pump’s battery life.  The water powered back-up sump pump system does not use any water until the primary system malfunctions or in the case of a power failure.  Waters Basement Services, Inc. choice would be to use a Liberty Sump Jet Water Powered Back-up Pump.

Waters Basement Services, Inc. believes the best possible combination for protecting your home is a regular electric powered sump pump and a water-powered sump pump working together to keep your basement dry, and your valuables and furnishings free from damage.


Reviews from our customer surveys in the Rochester & Buffalo NY areas:



“Bob and his crew were courteous & professional they completed the work on our new sump pump on time and budget. I would recommend Bob Waters to anyone needing basement services.”            Orhan; Rochester, NY

“All work was performed professionally…clean-up was exceptional. I would gladly refer as a reference and would call your company first if I ever needed basement work in the future.”                      Guy; Lewiston, NY

“I am confident the work was done right and that the company stands behind its workmanship. Job was done soon with no wait time and with no delays.”    Lynn; Williamsville, NY

“Thank you not only professionally, but personally. I am a widow and it’s hard to trust. I definitely trusted Bob and confident in his work.”    Diane; Corfu, NY

“As compared to other competitor’s quotes and presentation your company gave the most prompt and thorough feedback. Excellent workmanship!”   Henry; Tonawanda, NY


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