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Testimonials April 2013

by Darlene Waters

“After 10 years and numerous attempts by other contractors Waters Basement Services corrected the problem. Procedure was No Fuss, No Mess, No Problem.”       John, Hilton NY

“For 27 years I’ve had to deal with water in the basement after heavy rain and snow melts.  The cellar was filled with mold because even when there wasn’t standing water, it was damp.   I never even considered the possibility of using the space downstairs for anything other than storage of things I had no other place for.  Often, these items would then get moldy and have to be thrown away.   I am amazed at the difference after Bob and his crew worked their magic.  After several straight days of heavy rain and a pond that appeared in my back yard.  I am thrilled and relieved to have not one drop of water in the basement.  Not only am I not going to have the stress and work involved with a wet cellar, the air quality without the mold, has already improved.  I will never again have to worry about my foundation becoming structurally unsound.  Bob is extremely knowledgeable a true professional.  I highly recommend you give him a call if you are dealing with water problems.”     Leslie, Le Roy NY

“Prompt Services and repair of basement.  Courteous staff and explanation of services.  Excellent Services.”          Robert, North Tonawanda NY

“My basement is once again dry.  Bob, you and your med did a great job very, very  professional!!!  Thank you again!”      Edward, Hamlin NY

“Immediately following work, the floors were improved upstairs.  Thank you very much!”        Julia, Sanborn NY

“Our basement has gone from wet and awful, to dry and clean.  We are beyond thrilled with the improvements!  Bob and his crew went above and beyond every step of the way.  They did an excellent job and we would recommend them without reservation.”     Allison, Corfu NY