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Testimonials July 2013

by Darlene Waters

“Crew was extremely hard working and did a great job.  The basement is dry; that is amazing for a 140 year old house.  Impressed with Bob Waters knowledge and honest answers to correct water problem.  The quote was very fair and included a military discount.”   Gary, Elba, NY

“Performed a service that as a homeowner I may have attempted on my own, but was better left in the hands of an experienced professional Good Job Overall – In and Out- Fair Price – Work completed. Thanks”  Glen, Hilton, NY

“After recent heavy rains, not a hint of leakage -~ thanks to your excellent repair.  It’s a relief not to worry about leaks that follow heavy rain and melting snow!  Great work, highly professional and efficient!”  Bill, Lockport, NY

“The benefits I gained from Waters Basement Services is peace of mind.”  Carol, Lockport, NY

“Job was done quickly, our wall is repaired and no longer leaks.”  Donna, Lockport, NY

“Our thanks for the quick, professional repair and upgrades to our water problems.  Things look great and we’re confident that the work will prove beneficial in the future.”  Bob, Batavia, NY