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Testimonials June 2013

by Darlene Waters

“Perfectly dry basement after all these years at a great price!”   Wendi, Lockport, NY

“Cleaning up walls of stone foundation.  Home built in 1830’s.  Highly professional and courteous, and we are using them again.”   Donald, Sanborn, NY

“I have gained piece of mind, neatness, able to organize, find things easily.  Blessing for all of your services, may your business flow to the fullness of your worth.”     Phyllis, Lockport, NY

You were here when you said you would be, and job was completed in a timely manor.  Both my wife and myself were pleased with the job; and would recommend your service.”  Ted, Holley, NY

“I have gained a dry basement!  I won’t have to worry about the Spring thaw and heavy rains.  You can be proud of your work crew.  They work hard and do a nice job!”  John, Holley, NY

“This big flood was the ultimate test.  The foundation repair held beautifully.  No more leaking.  Plan on using Waters Basement Services on another section of wall.”    Hill, Lockport, NY