Basement Wall Panel System

Before Wall Panels and Drain System Installed by Waters Basement Services, Inc.

Before wall panels and drain tile system installed.

Waters Basement Services waterproofing basement wall panels are decorative and dramatically improve the appearance of your basement. We waterproof basements in the Rochester and Buffalo, NY areas with a guaranteed transferable warranty!

Waterproofing Basement Wall Panels System


Basement walls are commonly damp, wet, discolored, and dirty.  Coating them with any paints or sealers is not a long term solution; because moisture passing through the concrete will push the coating off of the wall.  In many cases walls look worse with peeling, flaky failed coatings.

Waters Basement Services waterproofing basement wall panels are semi-rigid waterproof plastic panels that fasten mechanically to the basement walls. Unlike a coating, they can never be pushed off by moisture coming through the wall.  This is because they are installed with special fasteners that are anchored into the concrete wall, so there is no adhesive bond to rely on.

Because the panels are 100% waterproof, and have an antimicrobial backing, this helps prevents mold grow to the back side.  They will not rot, or warp. Any water passing through the wall from wall cracks or other penetrations will run behind the panel and drop down into a waterproofing system along the basement floor.  Efflorescence from the concrete will not affect the panels and be encapsulated behind them.


After Wall Panels and Drain Tile System Installed by Waters Basement Services, Inc

Basement waterproofed with wall panels and drain tile system.


Wall Panels System Dramatically Improves the Appearance of your Basement!



Because the panels are decorative, they will dramatically improve the appearance of the basement.  They are clean and bright and will make the basement a lot brighter with the lighting available. Waters Basement Services basement wall panels are washable, just like any other surface.


Reviews from our customer surveys in the Rochester and Buffalo NY areas:



“Received 5 quotes! Bob was knowledgeable, reasonable, willing to work in our time frame & did an exceptional job. Don’t be fooled or scared by overpriced estimates wanting to do unnecessary work. Bob and company aim to please! Nice to see boss check on work when completed!”      Louise; Amherst, NY

“I love my basement so much that before you waterproofed it, I’d only go into my basement to do laundry. But since you’ve done it I go down to the basement just to look at it. The clean-up was as excellent/perfect as the waterproof job!!”     Donna; Rochester, NY

“The work from Bob and his crew was very professional. Work was completed in 5 days. My basement is clean & livable. Great service, thanks again.” Karen; Niagara Falls, NY

“We feel much more comfortable knowing that our problem in the basement has been taken care of properly – peace of mind. It is encouraging to know there are still companies that provide dependable and courteous service.”      Armand; Lewiston, NY

“My basement was filling with water. Waters solved the problem and then removed moldy, wet debris for the basement and set up a new dehumidifier. I would highly recommend Waters Basement Services to friends and neighbors. The service was highly professional, quick and competent.”    Nancy; Lyndonville, NY


Painting Basement Walls vs Waterproofing Panel System

Before & After Photos