Does Investing in My Basement Increase the Value of My Home?

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Remodeling your basement is the best way to increase your existing living space with an investment that will significantly pay back for itself over a relatively period. Among the best home improvements when considering both adding value and increasing living space is to perform a basement finishing project.

Your basement is more than just space for you to store stuff; it's also your foundation. Often basement waterproofing problems go hand in hand with foundation problems. By waterproofing your basement, you can often avoid costly structural problems. Expand your home's square footage by using your basement for more than just storage. Whether your basement space is a full, half, or walk out, you can transform the area to a usable, dry, comfortable living space. Once your basement is waterproofed, basement finishing is the most efficient way to add living space to your home. Many homes can double in square footage by merely finishing the basement for a small fraction of the cost of putting on a home addition. Even if you don't have specific plans to finish your basement, waterproofing will increase living and home value.

Think about how you would like to space to function. Basements are ideal for casual, social activities for the whole family, or just for the children. Building codes require that basements bedrooms have an emergency exit that leads directly outside, either through a Basement Entrance (Bilco Door) or Egress Window. Adding a basement egress window will result in natural light and an emergency exit.

Waters Basement Services Incorporated will help you find the best solution for your basement. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you feel comfortable with your home's basement waterproofing solution - from inspection and planning to installation and project completion.

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