Importance of Using a Dehumidifier

The Importance of Using a Dehumidifier and Where That Dehumidifier Should be Placed

Use a dehumidifier in your basement to keep relative humidity below 60% (Ideally between 30 and 50 percent relative humidity). Dehumidifiers should be used all year. With the energy saver dehumidifier, it will only run when needed. Dehumidifiers can use a garden hose to run it over to your sump basin so there is no need to empty the water in the dehumidifier bucket.

Never put your dehumidifier right next to your sump basin, as the dehumidifier will keep trying to remove the water from your sump basin. Always have a lid on your sump basin to help keep the moisture in the sump.

If you have rooms in your basement, you may need to run a fan to help circulate the air throughout your basement.

It is also very important to not open the windows and doors when running a dehumidifier in your basement. When the outside air is warmer than your basement air it can cause a humid atmosphere.

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