Protect Your Foundation from Water Damage with the Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot

First Line of Defense to Keep Your Basement Dry

Anyone living in the Rochester or Buffalo NY areas knows that our springs and falls can get very wet. All that moisture can pose huge problems for basements if not dealt with carefully. Preventing basement damage starts with your foundation.

Proper water management around your foundation can be very effective at keeping water from reaching your basement. The first line of defense to deep your basement dry is to clean and repair roof gutters. Fix the negative pitch (when soil tilts toward your foundation) or low spots around your foundation with top soil. This helps water run away from your foundation rather than towards it.

Adding window wells can also be very effective in maintaining proper drainage and grade.

The most serious problem is downspouts that discharge water right next to your foundation. The Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot underground downspout extension allows water to flow underground through a pipe away from your foundation. As water fills in the Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot, the holes in the bottom of the pipe allow the water to drain onto stone and excess water to flow out the top and filter into the ground. The Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot top is removable to clean any debris that may get inside the pot. You can even mow over your Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot.

Are you ready to get your home ready for the spring? Preventative measures can save a lot of money in the long run and prevent the frustration of having to deal with a flooded or damaged basement.

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