Repair for Horizontal Crack and Bowed Basement Wall

Carbon Fiber Reinforcer Applied to Basement Wall to Correct Bowed Wall

Why Do Cracked and Bowed Walls Eventually Collapse?

Typically, foundations are stressed when pressure (hydrostatic pressure, expansive soil or lateral earth movement) exerted on the outside of the foundation. Hydrostatic pressure causes walls to crack and separate beyond their tensile capacity. If not stopped, or correctly reinforced, foundations could collapse.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcer applied to the foundation, counteracts further outside pressure on the wall, taking the tension force to tensile load that the concrete or mortar joint cannot. For every increase in pressure, Carbon Fiber supplies an equal and opposite resistant force making the wall stronger; helping to eliminate shifting, expanding, cracking or bowing.

"The Reinforcer" is a patented state-of-the-art system developed by professional engineers. A combination of space-age polymers and carbon fibers processed into a material that is virtually impossible to stretch.

Less than 1/16" thick, it is a perfect material to use on basement foundation walls to resist outside pressure.

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