Tips on Comparing Company Estimates

  • Get a few estimates - 3 is a good number
  • Make a list of each service offered. Example: Drain Tile, Wall Panels, etc. Are the companies doing all the same services? Is one doing more, or less? Ask what materials are being used? Is the quality of the material equal?
  • Write down personal impression of sales person: Were they knowledgeable, informative, professional, and believable in assessment of your situation.
  • Check reputation of companies, all references, do your homework research, research, research.
  • Never be pressured or bullied into signing a contract at first meeting. Take time to review all estimates.
  • Never choose a company based on total dollar amount without knowing the reputation or quality of work. This could cause inadequate job performance and may end up costing even more money to correct.
  • Never show the estimate of another company or give the dollar amount of that estimate. Make the company do their own assessment and estimate.

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