Why the Type of Pipe Used in Drain Tile is So Important

Clogged Corrugated PipeClogged Corrugated Pipe

Waters Basement Services, Inc. only uses PVC Pipe in our drain tile jobs and installs cleanouts in our drainage system. Installing a drainage system that protects your home isn't an area you simply want to go with the lowest cost solution. You must choose the right materials and do the project right the first time.

There are two types of pipes that most often used in basement drain tile - PVC pipe and black corrugated pipe. Waters Basement Services, Inc. does not install the black corrugated pipe. Corrugated, in the case of corrugated pipe, refers to parallel ridges and furrows which fully encircle a pipe. The black corrugated pipe has thin, soft, flexible walls. Sediment and debris can accumulate in the corrugated ridges, slowing down water flow, and over time become clogged. When plugged, it is also hard to clean (or impossible to clean) as it punctures easily. Corrugated pipe is cheaper than PVC Pipe but may not be as effective for basement drain tile.

PVC pipe is hard, thick walls, which makes it more durable and requires fittings. PVC pipe is smooth, so it is less likely to clog or catch debris that slow water flow. Cleanouts can be installed in PVC, making maintenance simple. Waters Basement Services, Inc. installs cleanouts in all our drain tile jobs. Drain tile should be cleaned at least once a year (or more often depending on your soil type). With the cleanouts, the homeowner can clean their drain tile with a garden hose or have us perform this service.

The quality of pipe used and cleanouts are essential for the effectiveness of drain tile for years to come. Drain tile is a crucial ingredient in effective basement waterproofing. For drain tile to operate correctly, your drain tile needs to be free of debris that can build up over time. Equally important is maintaining proper grading along the foundation, and the gutter downspout placement. You always want the water to shed away from your home.

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