Basement Finishing in Rochester NY & Buffalo NY

1.  Waterproofing your basement and finishing it increases the value of your home by square footage pricing.

2.  Compare the price per square foot of adding an addition to your home, versus basement waterproofing and finishing your entire basement.

3.   Adding a Bilco Door or Egress window gives you code-compliant living space and provides an accessible escape route in case of an emergency.

4.  Maintaining your sump pump, cleaning your drain tile, and installing a de-humidification system will keep your basement dry.

5.  Your basement can be as warm and comfortable as any room in your home.

Customer Testimonial 

“Waters Basement Services, Inc. was professional, timely and very consumer friendly. Their services provided in a manner that made you feel confident in work done. We have gained a dry, useful, worry-free basement space.”                                                                                                                                                                                  Tim, Albion, NY