Backup Sump Pump! Why are so Important?   Every home with a sump pump should have a reliable backup sump pump system for peace of mind. In the event of a power disruption or primary pump / level control failure, it will assume the role as the primary pump, allowing time for the power to be restored or the primary pump to be repaired or replaced.   Water Backup Sump Pump     Liberty Backup Sump
September 8, 2016

Importance of using a Dehumidifier

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DID YOU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO USE A DEHUMIDIFIER AND WHERE THAT DEHUMIDIFER SHOULD BE PLACED?   Use a dehumidifier in your basement to keep relative humidity below 60% (Ideally between 30 and 50 percent relative humidity). Dehumidifiers should be used all year. With the energy saver dehumidifier, it will only run when needed. Dehumidifiers can use a garden hose to run it over to your sump basin so there is no need
Comparing Company Estimates   1)  Get a few estimates 3 is a good number 2)  Make a list of each service offered. Example: Drain Tile, Wall Panels, etc. Are the companies doing all the same services? Is one doing more, or less? Ask what materials are being used? Is the quality of the material equal? 3)  Write down personal impression of sales person: Were they knowledgeable, informative, professional, and believable in assessment of your situation.
Basement Info
HORIZONTAL CRACK AND BOWED BASEMENT WALL   WHY DO CRACKED AND BOWED WALLS EVENTUALLY COLLAPSE?   Typically, foundations are stressed when pressure (hydrostatic pressure, expansive soil or lateral earth movement) exerted on the outside of the foundation. Hydrostatic pressure causes walls to crack and separate beyond their tensile capacity. If not stopped, or correctly reinforced, foundations could collapse.   CARBON FIBER SYSTEM HELPS MINIMIZE THE DAMAGE!   Carbon Fiber Reinforcer applied to the foundation, counteracts further outside pressure on
Reinforcer (bowed / horizontal Cracked Wall(s)
Redone Basement Waterproofing
Basement walls are commonly damp, wet, discolored, and not aesthetically pleasing.  Whether a basement is leaking or not, water is still able to pass through the porous concrete, stone or poured concrete wall due to hydrostatic pressure.  Moisture passes through the basement wall as hydrostatic pressure builds up behind the paint and causes peeling, flaking and discoloration. Mold can also begin to grow as paint is an organic material. In many cases, walls look worse