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Basement Wall Crack Repair

by Darlene Waters

Waters Basement Services, Inc. repairs leaky wall cracks in the Rochester and Buffalo NY areas with a 20-year guaranteed concrete wall crack repair solution!


Wall Crack Repair - basement wall crack repair - foundation crack repair

           Repaired Basement Wall Crack


Your guaranteed solution to leaking wall cracks is the innovative polyurethane concrete wall crack repair system with a 20-year transferable warranty. The Polyurethane Wall Crack Repair System is a permanent solution!  

Wall Crack Repair Process:


Waters Basement Services seal the crack with a special flexible sealant on the surface of the crack from top to bottom.  This bead of sealant will slow, and in many cases stop, the flow of water through the crack.  We then stick the wicking drain strip material to the sealant and tuck it into the drainage created on the floor.  An overcoat of special sealant is applied over the wicking strip, overlapping onto the concrete wall at least 2” on each side.  The wicking strip is covered entirely, creating a sealed patch from the top of the crack to the bottom.  The wicking strip is a bond breaker between the top coat of sealant and the wall.  It serves to wick any water that gets past the first bead of sealant down into the drainage below.

The polyurethane concrete wall crack repair system is flexible and will not crack, leak and can flex.

Reviews from our customer surveys in the Rochester and Buffalo NY areas:


“After heavy rain no return leak. On time for all appointments, very neat and tidy. Explained problem & solution well, very happy with work.” Scott; E. Amherst, NY

“The crack through our basement foundation has been properly repaired and does not leak anymore. Thank you for a professional and courteous business transaction. You were very respectful of my questions and concerns, the price was great, and the job completed quickly and neatly. Fabulous! Thank you.” Jerry; Attica, NY

“Due to quick response and professional, guaranteed service, we can now continue to finish off our “now” dry basement. Bob Waters came highly recommended, and we see why! Always ready to answer questions and very knowledgeable and easy to work with A+.” Robert; Medina, NY

“Job well done! Bob knows his business, what to do and how to get the job done. Would contact him in the future, if needed.” John; Hilton, NY

“After this last horrible storm, I had my fingers crossed as I went down to the basement, however it was dry & no water coming in! Great job!” Lisa; Rochester, NY


Stone Foundation and Structural Repair

by Darlene Waters

“Stone Foundation Present Unique Problems to Homeowners”


Stone Foundation - Home Foundation Repair

Before Stone Foundation

Stone Foundation - Home Foundation Repair

After Repointing Stone Foundation










Stone foundation, the most common basement built before 1915, is a concern for homeowners of old homes; and present unique problems to homeowners.

Basements appropriately designed properly with correct footers and foundation walls are often strong enough to hold up against the forces of nature for many years.  Combined pressures of gravity, soil swelling with water, freezing, and thawing create hydrostatic pressure.  Hydrostatic pressure and tree roots are all forces that continue to excerpt pressure to gain entrance into your basement.

A visual inspection will disclose gaps in the joints, crumbly mortar, bulging, bowing shifting or settlement that may require a home foundation repair.

Most stone foundations have a mortar coating on the interior. Moisture migration will inevitably cause the mortar to flake off and expose the stones. When this occurs, re-pointing or parging is needed.  If enough of the old mortar falls out between the stones, they will start shifting around. A home foundation repair would be necessary if the sandy, crumbly mortar falls out the stones also will likely fall out.

Proper drainage around the inside of the perimeter of the basement is essential to avoid hydrostatic pressure. The ground and decks or patios adjacent to the foundation should have a positive slope away from the foundation.  Roof water should collect in a well-maintained gutter system with downspouts and discharging away from the foundation.  Sump pump discharge lines also need to be extended away from the foundation.  Waters Basement Services can install gutter and sump discharge lines into a Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot that allows water to flow underground.  You can even mow over you Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot.


Reviews from our customer’s surveys in the Rochester and Buffalo NY areas:


“Crew was extremely hard working and did a great job. The basement is dry; that is amazing for a 140-year old house.  Impressed with Bob Waters knowledge and honest answers to the correct water problem. The quote was very fair and included a military discount.”     Gary; Elba, NY


“Very happy with results. Was a serious and difficult job in a very old house. Terrific improvement.  Very nice work, quick, clean, Great Crew. Thanks, guys!”   Bonnie; Lockport, NY


“Basement walls are clean and dry, no musty odor. Very professional service, on schedule, on time. No attempt to up-sell. Bob provided a through explanation of the work they would do to clean patch and waterproof the walls.  His crew Kelly and Kevin were fast and efficient and did a great job.”       Dorothy; Rochester, NY


“For 27-years I’ve had to deal with water in the basement after heavy rain and snow melts. The cellar was filled with mold because even when there wasn’t standing water, it was damp. I never even considered the possibility of using the space downstairs for anything other than storage. Often, these items would then get moldy, and I’d have to throw them away. I am amazed at the difference after Bob and his crew worked their magic. After several straight days of heavy rain and a pond that appeared in my backyard.  I am thrilled and relieved to have not one drop of water in the basement.  Not only am I not going to have the stress and work involved with a wet cellar, the air quality, without the mold, has already improved.  I will never again have to worry about my foundation becoming structurally unsound.  Bob is extremely knowledgeable a true professional.  I highly recommend you give him a call if you are dealing with water problems.”     Leslie; Le Roy, NY