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Outside Basement Entrance (Bilco, Gordon Door)

by Darlene Waters

Outside Basement Entrance Waters Basement Services installed in Medina, NY. Great job guys! Homeowner very happy!


Outside Basement Entrance Door

Before start of outside basement entrance door installed in Medina, NY

Outside Basement Entrance installed

Inside the Basement before removal of window to make opening for Bilco door.

basement entrance

Basement window removed and digging begins to open the space for the Bilco door entrance

foundation repair - wall crack repair

Preparing the foundation for Bilco  Door

Outside Basement Door - Foundation repair

Bilco Door Foundation completed

basement services - waterproofing basement

Basement inside ready for setting Bilco Door














home foundation repair - house foundation repair

Finishing touches to foundation stairs are set

basement finishing - finishing basement

Front view of completed Bilco Door basement entrance front view installed in Medina, NY

foundation drainage - basement drainage

Finished Bilco door  basement entrance side view installed in Medina, NY


by Darlene Waters

What are Diverters used for in basement waterproofing?


Diverters establish and maintain open water pathways to direct any and all water into a drainage system (Drain Tile) (French Drain). Diverter products relieve hydrostatic pressure by facilitating water flow and removing resistance. Waterproofing systems without diverters are easily overwhelmed by groundwater.

Gutter and Downspout Water

by Darlene Waters



Roof drainage is a common cause of wet basements. Also, downspouts that discharge water directly at foundation walls.  A typical 2000 square foot roof can produce almost 1200 gallons of water during just 1 inch of rainfall.  Fall season brings rain and leaves falling.  Keeping your gutters clean and free of debris is one of the first line of defense to help keep your basement dry. Gutters and downspouts need to be free of debris, flow freely, and the downspout; need to empty away from basement foundation. Because leaves don’t fall all at once it may be necessary to clean your gutters and downspouts more than once a season.  Waters Basement Services recommends you have your gutters inspected at least four times a year.


basement foundation drainage

Gutter full of debris over time things will begin to grow if not cleaned.


Basement Entrance Door

by Darlene Waters

Outside Basement Entrance Doors


Outside basement entrance doors (Bilco) (Gordon) our guys installed last week. One in Medina and one in Rochester NY. Homeowners so happy with the outcome. Great work Kevin and Cody glad to have you on our team.

Outside Entrance Door Install

Outside Entrance Door before Waters Basement Services Install

Basement Entrance Door Install

Outside Basement Entrance Door after Waters Basement Services Install

Outside Entrance Door

Outside Basement Entrance Door before Waters Basement Services Install

Basement Entrance

Outside Basement Entrance Door after Waters Basement Services Install

Lower Energy Bills

by Darlene Waters



Stop air and moisture infiltration at the rim joist (ban joist) (space between your home and basement walls) of your home. Stopping air infiltration is the best defense against energy loss. Your home lets in cold air during the winter and warm air in the summer, resulting in higher energy bills.

Stuffing fiberglass insulation between floor joists is a common method of insulating the rim joist in many homes. Fiberglass insulation has gaps and voids when installed, allowing air to infiltrate. Because fiberglass insulation doesn’t fit snugly, it is air permeable. Rim joists (Ban Joist) expand and contract with the change of seasons allowing air to enter and exit at will. Rim Joist spray insulation is a closed cell application which fills in the whole space without any gaps or voids. Unlike fiberglass insulation, which is only a thermal barrier, the spray foam insulation creates both an air and vapor barrier at the rim-joist. Creating an air barrier at the rim joist becomes vitally important because moist air can create condensation. Moist air can filter through fiberglass creating condensation at the rim-joist, which can eventually lead to mold and mildew problems.

Spray insulation sticks to the rim joist eliminating the condensing surface. Improper insulation at the rim joist can result in high energy bills, air quality issues, and moisture damage. The spray insulation is highly adhesive, so it sticks and stays in place as it expands to fill gaps. Once cured, the spray insulation provides an effective air seal as well as insulation. Because the spray insulation doesn’t allow air to move through it (which diminishes R-value) it always performs at its full rated R-value.

Rim Joist Spray Insulation - basement insulation

Rim Joist (Ban Joist) before Rim Joist Spray Insulation

Rim Joist Spray Insulation - basement insulation

Rim Joist (Ban Joist) after Spray Insulation













Waters Basement Services, Inc. offers a solution for stopping air infiltration with Rim Joist Spray Insulation.