Waters Basement Services, Inc. has built its reputation on developing long lasting relationships with customer service at the forefront of our business.  Quality work and unsurpassed service sets us apart from other basement specialist. 

Waters Basement Services, Inc. BBB Business Review


Erie County

“1st time in 5 years having a dry basement without running dehumidifier all the time. We had two basement cracks and now repaired, we can go back to using this area again. Good work.”

Maury, Grand Island, NY

“We love the new look of our basement.  We have added value and function to our home.  We were very indecisive in our ideas, but Bob’s plans inspired confidence that was very reassuring.  Bob’s crew doesn’t mess around – they were there every day bright and early – no worry that your work crew shows up one day and then gives you an excuse for not showing up the next day.  The best part is that Bob is there every day making sure you get what you want and then some.  Bob is trustworthy, patient, and a good listener.  We would not hesitate to hire Waters Basement Services in the future.”

 Christine; Williamsville, NY

“Fast, professional, courteous, clean basement after job was finished.  Job well done! Like the style of worker (had class).”

 Randy; Niagara Falls, NY

“I received fast, friendly, and professional service from a reputable company.  I couldn’t be happier with my experience and results.  Great prices, honest work, and a solid reputation, I’ll recommend Waters as much as I can. Thanks again!”

 Tanya; West Seneca, NY

“By repairing my basement we increased resale value – entire cost of project maybe recovered, great investment in appearance.  Project completed as promised within the time frame quoted,   not very common with contractors today.  Great job!”

 Robert; Niagara Falls, NY

“Bob recognized immediately what kind of work needed to be done and accomplished it (to my great satisfaction) soon after.  Bob was most helpful not only in providing his services but also in advising me how I could also assist with keeping, my house and property properly drained.”

 Nancy; Clarence Center, NY

“Bob is a wonderful, honest, and very good person that came to my home on Christmas Eve. He did an amazing job fixing a crack in my basement wall and for a great price. Go with Bob Waters, and you will definitely be satisfied.  Once again thank you for coming to my home on Christmas Eve without any prior notice.  You’re a great person to do that. I wish there were more people that are concerned about others like you are. I will recommend you to anyone that needs work done.”

 Frank; Cheektowaga, NY

“Bob explained everything to me, why the leak and what exactly he was going to do to repair it.  Bob Waters is very professional, courteous, on time appointment; all around neat appearance.”

 Tom; Tonawanda, NY

“I went from a situation that was almost insurmountable to a very livable basement.  Bob was prompt, hard working and knowledgeable in all of his work on my basement. Your services enabled me and my wife to eliminate a serious water problem in our basement.”

 Joyce; Tonawanda, NY

“Basement is nice and dry; no more mold.  The young men who did the work in my home were the best, in my opinion.”

 Eleanor; Akron, NY

“It was a pleasure to be spoken to in a frank, fair, professional manner without “a sales pitch” and time consuming negotiation. Bob was a breath of fresh air after having been through some other estimates by other companies. I will rave about his trustworthiness to anyone who asks.”

Jodi; N. Tonawanda, NY


Genesee County

“The day after the work was completed in the basement sealing the wall cracks there was a pouring rain leaving inches of standing water on the ground. My basement was dry. No water on the walls or puddles on the floor. Very professional, respectful, courteous, and up front. Being a single parent grateful that you worked around my schedule. Thank you!”

Kathleen, Leroy, NY

 “Honest, Dependable, Prompt, Reasonable Rates, Professional Service, 20 Year Transferable Warranty.”

Lisa, E. Bethany, NY

“By telling me exactly what I needed, and showing me why I needed it I know I prevented any future problems. Thank You! Great crew – Great work and a pleasure to talk to. Very professional thank you and great job!”

Frank, Attica, NY

“Job completed is better than when our home was built and done as scheduled! Totally impressed with the work and the follow through. Very Satisfied!”

Larry, Byron, NY

 “We were very pleased with the work you and the boys did.  We would highly recommend you to anyone.”

 Jerry; Batavia, NY

“Bob and his crew were very professional in their work ethic and very customer oriented.  We have a dry, useful basement that I can use worry free from water for the first time in 23 years.”

 William; Oakfield, NY

“I not only had my problem solved, but I learned about the causes and how to prevent future problems about my foundation and my abilities.”

 Brian; Byron, NY

“We had a new water back-up sump pump installed.  It gives me peace of mind when the power goes out the pump will still keep up with the water coming in.  Great job, great crew, very professional.”

 Peter; Corfu, NY

“Mr. Waters is kind and did an excellent job of repairing a crack.  We no longer are getting water through that area!!  Great customer service! – Also, love your statement “The only water that should be in your basement is Bob Waters!!  How Clever!!”

 Susan; Oakfield, NY

“After more than 20 years of water leaks in our basement wall, the basement is now dry and the humidity is lower.  I had another area that water would come in where the concrete floor met the concrete wall.  I thought this type of leak would be very difficult to correct.  I was surprised how easily and fast this problem was solved. Great work!!”

 Arthur; Batavia, NY

“Three thunderstorms since work completed zero water in my basement.  Thank you for the fine workmanship.  We are very happy and satisfied.”

 Linda; Oakfield, NY

“I now have a dry, bright basement.  The upgraded basement will be great for future selling of home.  Wonderful job, thanks to all.”

 Barbara; Corfu, NY

“Very fast and did a great job.  Clean up was extremely impressive.  The basement already seems warmer and my husband says it’s not as creepy.”

 Erin; Bergen, NY

“The work performed by Waters Basement Services was above and beyond what we had hoped for.  We are so happy to finally have a dry and safe basement.”

 David; Batavia, NY


Monroe County

“My basement looks so good, I can’t explain it you’ve got to see it for yourself. I love my basement so much. Before you waterproofed it I’d only go into my basement to do laundry, but since Waters did it, I go down to my basement just to look at it! Crew was above and beyond courteous, they were exceptional. Clean up was excellent. On a scale from 1 to 10 satisfaction I’d say 15!”

Donna, Rochester, NY

“I was preparing my house for sale.  The basement was less than pristine.  After consulting a couple of contractors I chose “WATERS”.  Bob is an honest, straight shooting man, He’s proud of his business and the services it provides.  He wants his customer’s satisfied.  My basement looks beautiful!”

 Linda; Churchville, NY

“I went from an extremely wet, damp basement to a dry, useable basement. Bob and his crew were simply great! They offer a lot of helpful advice.  These guys do their job with “Pride”, and it shows!”

 Rose; Hamlin, NY

“Friendly, thorough, courteous, did extra and on time. Our basement is dry, mold free, excellent job.”

 Steven; Rochester, NY

“Our building routinely experienced flooding.  The new system handled the flood worthy rain of November and December without a single issue.  They do exceptional work.  We are very impressed with the workmanship and courtesy of everyone from Waters Basement Services, Inc.”

 Ed; W. Henrietta, NY

“Waters Basement Services did a great job at our home.  We found out just how good when we recently had heavy rains.  The work that they did on a difficult problem we have been dealing with for years really seems to have accomplished what other people never have.  I would recommend Bob Waters to anyone with a basement water problem.  He’s the best!  His company is the only one we would deal with if there are any future problems.”

 Rose; Hamlin, NY

“I had confidence in your workmanship from previous experience.  Your honesty, fairness, and trustworthiness are outstanding.  You provided a solution for a storage problem and went above and beyond to satisfy my needs. Thank you.”

 Mary Ann; Rochester, NY

“Bob Waters is extremely professional and polite.  He discussed options and we were given time to make our choices.  The crew worked efficiently, were very polite, and we are very pleased with the outcome of the project.”

 Roger; Hamlin, NY

“I would recommend for any future jobs! Great job! Good old fashion trustworthy contractor!”

 Tammy; Rochester, NY

“We have a dry basement, no more mold no more dampness in the air and we can use our basement again for more than storage.  You were on time, friendly, worked quietly, picked up and cleaned up every day, and answered all questions.  We have and will recommend you to our friends.”

 Edward; Spencerport, NY


Niagara County

“Bob returned all my phone calls the same day. Always came exactly on time. Was knowledgeable and professional at all times. I felt very confident and comfortable in his ability to replace our Bilco Door. The crew was super neat and very polite and courteous. Bob also, advised us on future issues with low spots, water retention and grading.”

Luanne, Lewiston, NY

“This basement “mystery leak” had continued for a while.  Several parties had evaluated and tried to remedy it, but Bob corrected it.  He’s a pleasure to work with because he clearly imparts his expertise ~ explaining what he will do and explaining what he has done.  I give Bob and his staff high recommendation.”

 Patricia; Youngstown, NY

“Mr. Waters and his crew are just as they advertise.  Great workers, very respectful and did a beautiful job!”

 Betty; Middleport, NY

“The work done inside and outside will keep our basement dry.  We are very pleased with the work Waters Basement Services have done.  I highly recommend your services!”

 Robert; Barker, NY

“Bob Waters was exceptional from start to finish.  He was extremely knowledgeable; we would recommend him to everyone.  Thank you Bob for helping our son get his wish done!”

 Melissa; Lockport, NY

“This basement mystery leak has continued for awhile. Several parties had evaluated & tried to remedy it, but Bob Waters corrected it. He’s a pleasure to work with because he clearly imparts his expertise—explaining what he will do & explaining what he has done.  We give Bob and his staff high recommendations.”

 John; Youngstown, NY

 “The services that were rendered from Bob Waters are exceptional.  Everything that I expected I received.  In today’s world it’s hard to find an honest, timely, hard working individual.  Bob Waters and his company represent such.”

 Kurt; Lockport, NY

“It has been a pleasure to know Bob and have him work for me.  He is honest, pleasant, comes when he says he’s coming; is very considerate when doing the work to not interfere with our schedules; and cleans up whatever mess is made from the job.  I found his prices to be fair and reasonable.”

 Jack; Middleport, NY

“We appreciate your professionalism and your helpfulness from the beginning to the end. Again we thank you and we bless you.  We look forward to referring your name to others and using your services in the future.”

 Wayne; Lockport, NY

“Basement is nice and dry; no more mold.  The young men who did the work in my home were the best, in my opinion.”

 Eleanor; Akron, NY

“Finally after 8 years ~ we don’t have a wet basement floor.  Thank you for doing such a great job!”

 Michelle; Lockport, NY

“Great response time in terms of getting estimate and completing the job, everything looks and works great!”

 David; Lockport, NY


Orleans County

“I was very impressed with the prompt response to my request for an assessment of my water problem. Everything was thoroughly explained to me to correct the problem and it was completed in a timely manner by very polite and competent workers.”

Vivian, Holley, NY

“I was comfortable asking questions and Bob explained everything in detail and what material you had to purchase.  Bob has a wonderful personality, honest, and his friendliness is outstanding!!  If anyone asks who to contact for basement work, you will be highly recommended on my list.  The two men who did the job were very pleasant and courteous.  Bob checked the work to make sure it was done correctly.  You are also trustworthy!!”

 Rena; Medina, NY

“Bob put an ample amount of foam insulation around our basement rim joist.  The cold air we felt pouring into our home was stopped successfully.  Bob is a true professional who takes pride in his work and rightly so!  He quotes a reasonable price for the job, and sells you only what you need.”

 Paul; Kendall, NY

“This is the first time since I lived here my basement is dry and not musty smelling.  I will tell all my friends and neighbors about the excellent job Waters Basement Services did.”

 Andrew; Albion, NY

“Bob explained everything thoroughly.  All the work he said he would do was done.  A river does not run through the basement anymore.  I would recommend Waters Basement Services to anyone.”

 Thomas; Lyndonville, NY

“We are very pleased with the excellent customer services Bob has given us.  That is why we asked him to do the installation.  We felt that he could be trusted to do the work and that if there were any issues after the work was completed that things would be taken care of.  The system installed works wonderful.  Thank you.”

 Nicole; Medina, NY

“I was very impressed by Mr. Waters’ concern regarding the work that needed to be done and put my fears to rest. Thank you for the professional way all aspects of the job was done. Top notch. Very pleased with each phase of the job.”

Linda, Holley, NY

“My mother-in-law is thrilled to have the job done.  She (88 years old) was concerned with many factors (cost, time, neatness, paperwork, questionable people, etc.) but Bob eased her mind and made it a pleasant experience. The work crew was very professional and polite to her.  The term that best describes Bob & his crew is “professional.”  They were punctual, knowledgeable, courteous, and neat and kept us informed as to the time line and process involved.  The job and a neighbor were both tough, but they handled all aspects flawlessly.  Thank you.”

 Scott; Medina, NY

“We had gained a dry, useful, worry free basement space Waters Basement Services, Inc. was professional, timely, and very consumer friendly.  Their services were provided in a manner that made you feel confident in the work done.”

 Tina; Albion, NY

“From the very beginning Bob stayed in contact.  He made an appointment to estimate the job within days of my first calling, and I had a proposal within another few days.  He was upfront about when he could do the job, and he never made excuses.  Where I live, contractors of this caliber are very hard to find.”

 Sharon; Waterport, NY

“Waters Basement Services corrected a long on-going drainage problem.  Works great and our basement is finally dry.  The product did exactly what you said it would.  I would highly recommend it to my family & friends.”

 Eric; Albion, NY

“Our system was installed prior to the March thaw; we were thrilled, had no basement flooding and didn’t have to use 2 and 3 sump pumps.  We had and will continue to recommend Waters Basement Services to others. Thank you.”

 Kathy; Albion, NY

“It is refreshing to have a company that is polite, update you on the progress of the job and be reasonable in price.”

 Robert; Medina, NY