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How to Rid Your Basement of Water and Mold Issues – Buffalo, NY Project

by Darlene Waters

This is a basement we waterproofed near Buffalo, NY.  The photo clearly demonstrates that coating the wall with paint is not a permanent solution.  The moisture passes through the concrete and pushes the paint off the walls.  With the continued presence of moisture and water, this creates mold issues.

waterproofed basement - basement mold issues

After: A brand new basement!

waterproofed basement - basement mold issues

Before: Mold and Water Issues

Water Basement Services sprayed mold inhibitor, installed waterproofing drainage system, and installed panels that are 100% waterproofed.  The panels have an antimicrobial backing; no mold can grow to the back side.  Any water passing through the wall from wall cracks or other penetrations will run behind the panels and drop down into the waterproofing system along the basement floor that transfers the water to the sump basin and out of the basement with the sump pump.

Waterproofing their basement has protected the value of their home, increased usable square footage, and maximized their homes potential.

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