Stone Foundation and Structural Repair

Stone Foundation and Structural Repair

Before Stone Foundation Parging or Pointing

Stone Foundations Present Unique Problems to Homeowners

Stone foundation, the most common basement built before 1915, is a concern for homeowners of old homes; and presents unique foundation problems to homeowners.

Basements appropriately designed with correct footers and foundation walls are often strong enough to hold up against the forces of nature for many years. Combined pressures of gravity, soil swelling with water, freezing, and thawing create hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure and tree roots are all forces that continue to excerpt pressure to gain entrance into your basement.

A visual inspection will disclose gaps in the joints, crumbly mortar, bulging, bowing shifting, or settlement that may require a home foundation repair.

Most stone foundations have a mortar coating on the interior. Moisture migration will inevitably cause the mortar to flake off and expose the stones. When this occurs, re-pointing or parging is needed. If enough of the old mortar falls out between the rocks, they will start shifting around. A home foundation repair would be necessary if the sandy, crumbly mortar falls out, the stones also will likely fall out.

Importance of maintaining the proper pitch of soil around the foundation

Proper basement drainage around the outside of the basement foundation's perimeter is essential to avoid hydrostatic pressure. The ground and decks or patios adjacent to the foundation should have a positive slope away from the house foundation. Roof water should collect in a well-maintained gutter system with downspouts and discharging away from the foundation.

Sump pump discharge lines also need to be extended away from the home foundation. Waters Basement Services can install gutter and sump discharge lines into a Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot that allows water to flow underground. You can even mow over your Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot.

Stone Foundation and Structural Repair Before & After

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