Drain Tile/French Drain Installation

Plugged Clay Drain TileBob Waters inspecting a downspout conductor line

Signs Your Home May Need to Have New Drain Tile / French Drain Installation:

Problem: Plugged Drain Tile
When water comes in on the basement floor where the basement wall(s) meet the floor, this is usually because your basement drainage has become clogged and can no longer accept water. Typically, this will begin in the furthest corner from where your sump basin and sump pump are. When drain tile, also known as a French drain, becomes clogged and can no longer drain the water from the walls or under the floor properly, a new drain tile installation system needs installing or drain flushed.

Install new white perforated drain tile to collect the wall and floor water into the sump basin and then pump it out of the basement. Waters Basement Services, Inc. installs clean-outs in the basement drainage tile to enable your drain tile to be cleaned or flushed. Clean Drain tile at least once a year, or more often, depending on your soil type. Clean-outs enable the homeowner to clean their drain tile with a garden hose. Waters Basement Services, Inc. will perform this service if the homeowner prefers or cannot use the clean-outs. Just as important proper grading around the foundation and gutter downspout placement, you always want water to shed away from your home.

Camera Inspection of Drain Tile:
If you're experiencing clogged drain tile, contact us to have a camera inspection of your drain tile. Waters Basement Services, Inc. services the Buffalo & Rochester, NY areas. A drainage camera is used in helping to determine if your drain tile needs cleaning, is plugged, or filled with tree roots, and must have a new drain tile installed. The camera shows the drain tile (on a small TV screen), locating any tree root intrusions, breaks, plugs/blockages, or other problems. A drain camera inspection allows the homeowner to understand what potential issues may arise or need to address a problem immediately. The best way to determine the condition of your drain tile is by a camera inspection.

Drain tile is an essential ingredient in effective basement waterproofing. Drain tile needs to be free of debris that can build up over time to operate correctly.

Basement floor drains work the same. A floor drain needs to be free of debris and flow out into the storm drain. This water may pour into your basement when the storm drain becomes overwhelmed with stormwater. You can have a backflow preventer installed or plug the floor drain, preventing water from entering your basement when storm sewers become overwhelmed and cannot take water out.

Drain Tile/French Drain Installation Before & After

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Before Drain Tile/French Drain Installation - (swipe left for after pic)After Drain Tile/French Drain Installation - (swipe right for before pic)
Before Drain Tile/French Drain Installation - (swipe left for after pic)After Drain Tile/French Drain Installation - (swipe right for before pic)