Trench Drain


Trench Drain System drains water from doorways, stairwells, and the surface.  Prevent basement water damage from water seeping through doorways, garage doors and down stairs with Trench Drain!  In many instances, water can enter your house and damage the basement by flowing through space under a doorway or running down the stairs.   Waters Basement Services’ unique design directs the water into a channel, where it can be managed and pumped out of your home automatically-without causing any damage! The unique design of the Trench Drain allows for water to drain into the grate, flow into the patented Water Guard sub-floor drainage system, and into the sump basin then pumped out of the home.  Trench Drain comes in several different styles: A large size used for traffic bearing and high flow conditions, and a smaller size used for lighter flow and interior applications.

Trench Drain System will prevent water damage to your basement environment, and keep your home safe and dry.